In my previous post I was talking about how understanding our dreams can teach us a lot about ourselves and the workings of our unconscious. The problem is, very often we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. So what could we do to remember our dreams better?


Before falling asleep, focus on your intention to memorize your dreams tonight. When you wake up, try to keep your eyes closed and not move for 5 minutes, allowing the images from your dreams to enter your waking consciousness. Focus on your feelings first – are you feeling happy, scared, exhausted? As you will get in touch with your feelings, the images from your dreams will follow.


When you succeed in remembering at least a part of your dream, you can try to “read” it, to uncover the messages from your unconscious.

In turn, imagine yourself being every character in your dream – if you have seen an animal, be that animal. If there was a river – be that river. If you were taking active part in a dream – be yourself in a dream. When in character, feel and think about what is this particular character about? What do you want to do? Are you carrying a particular message? It helps to write all this information down.


All the characters in your dream are different parts of your unconscious and they all carry certain pieces of information for your conscious mind. I f you let them talk, you might get amazing insights into the workings of your mind, which, in turn, might help you find creative solutions to your problems in waking life.