During last year over 80% of my clients came to see me because they were suffering from anxiety. This is hardly surprising, considering what we all went through in the past year. Anxiety about the virus, fear of losing your job or your business, lockdown anxiety – the list is endless.


Even a few therapy sessions can bring considerable relief – addressing the root cause of your anxiety and equipping you with tools and techniques that help dealing with anxiety attacks.


But sometimes therapy is just not enough. Anxiety can become really acute and some of my clients had to start medication before they could commence therapy.


The problem is, GPs don’t offer much choice of medication when it concerns anxiety – most likely you would be prescribed an antidepressant, so called SSRI, and, if it does not work, advised to increase your dosage.


Unfortunately, antidepressants work for only around 50% percent of the patients, even less according to the latest research. If your problem is not depression but anxiety this percentage is even lower. Another downside of taking antidepressants is that you might feel more anxious before you feel better and in some cases it might be more than you can bear.


So what is the alternative?


In this series of my blog I will be writing about therapies, herbs and supplements that have helped some of my clients or myself.

I am not a doctor, so this is by no means a medical advice, and, of course, if you have a chronic medical condition you will need to talk to your GP before trying any supplements.