If you are trying and failing to loose weight after having a baby, you might consider a different approach, rather than just dieting.

If you are looking after a lively toddler (or two!), you might be reaching out for food because you are tired, not because you are hungry. Before starting on yet another diet, which is likely to make you even more exhausted, it is worth asking yourself – why am I reaching for food now? Am I tired? Sleepy? Just need some comfort? There are many other ways of fulfilling these needs rather than food.


If you would like to loose weight, start noticing when you overeat – do you reach for biscuits when you are tired? Upset? Anxious? Is there anything you can do to deal with your emotional discomfort instead of eating? Paying attention to and resolving a psychological issue is a way to loose weight for good, much more effective than a crush diet (which is likely to make you even more stressed and irritable).


Taking supplements might also help you loose weight after pregnancy. Certain food cravings indicate that your body is lacking vitamins or minerals. For instance, if you can’t live without peanut butter, it means that your vitamin B intake is insufficient. Taking a supplement instead of dipping into the jar will greatly improve your waist line!

Craving cheese is often a sign of Calcium and Phosphorus deficiency. Try taking a supplement or eating more broccoli – it is high in calcium and phosphorus and has a lot less calories than cheese.


Quite often food cravings are not a sign of a particular vitamin shortage, but just indicate that you need rest. One client complained that she was a chocolate addict and could not get rid of the habit. A born perfectionist, she could never take a break and relax, so the chocolate for her became a substitute for a good rest.



Research indicates that obese people, who try, but don’t manage to loose weight, are usually not very good at knowing their own feelings. Working with a client, who has a weight issue, I often have to find out what does they body image means for them. So when you decide to loose some weight, first ask yourself – how thin would you like to be? What does being thin means for you? Do you know your ideal weight and have a clear plan of how to reach it? Or loosing weight will become yet another exercise in self-criticism and low self-esteem?


Don’t blame yourself for an occasional chocolate or a second helping. Internal criticism is not likely to stop you eating too much, but will definitely make you feel bad about yourself and as a result – more comfort eating! Enjoy your food and take your time eating – you will feel full sooner than you think.